Media Munching template

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Consume media when it suits you

This Notion template provides a structured 5 step workflow for consuming media with intent:

  1. Capture: Control your information streams
  2. Process: Channel the streams into one central inbox and process them in batches.
  3. Consume: Consume the streams in one place (no leaks allowed)
  4. Archive: If you like it, make sure you note down why and store it for later.
  5. Revive: You’re much better off revisiting and internalizing high-quality media as opposed to just keep consuming new stuff.

For the entire article on consuming Media and how to use Media Muncher check out this medium post "The benefits of an airtight “Read it later” workflow in Notion — free guide & template"

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So how do you capture the upside and avoid the downside of information abundance? That’s the problem that read-it-later apps and workflows aim to solve (read-it-later is the same as consume-it-later in this case). 

By taking control of what and when you consume media, you

  • Get more out of it
  • Avoid the junk
  • Dodge distractions

Ultimately, you’ll also increase your attention span and energy levels. 

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Media Munching template

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